FFEM stands for Female, Fitness, Education, Motivation.


FFEM is a wellness & leadership project that works with girls & women, predominantly from low income areas, who are at a higher risk of social & sporting exclusion. 

FFEM uses the power of sport & education to build confidence, positive mental wellbeing, resilience & leadership skills in young girls, which we feel achieves our ultimate goal –

greater future aspirations.

We at FFEM are committed to unify, inspire and create opportunities for females of all ages. FFEM focuses on using the power of sport and fitness to engage females and develop confidence and wellbeing. We are particularly focused on tackling the drop out in physical activitity for young girls during puberty.

“Only 12% of girls get enough physical activity each week”

The FFEM model is designed and delivered by females for females. We work within schools and communities in and around London, running our unique and specifically designed programmes, which focus on building self-esteem, confidence, peer development and sports participation.
All FFEM coaches and mentors are fully qualified, experienced, passionate and driven to help change the future for females. 
A big part of the FFEM ethos is that we offer young females hands on work experience, job opportunities and access to training and recognised accreditations, especially within male dominated areas such as "Digital Media", "Journalism" and "Football".